Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Presidential election wrap up

To commemorate Obama's victory, I'm having a tea party.
   – Steve Martin
If he had won tonight, Mr. Romney would have become the first man elected President after telling half of the country to screw themselves.
   – Borowitz Report
Big Bird pours a drink, lights a cigar, kicks up his feet, takes a long draw, flips on FOX News and smiles. You don't mess with Big Bird.
   – Timothy Rapp
If there was a war on women this year, it looks like the women are winning.
   – Margaret Talbot
I'm not going to bed until Karl Rove cries.
   – Pimp Bill Clinton
The @realDonaldTrump deleted many of his earlier tweets. Odd that he'd try to cover up something that we all know is there.
   – Invisible Obama
Do Canadians tweet this much when they elect their moose king?
   – Bryan King
and the money quote...
Clinton/Clinton 2016
   – Pimp Bill Clinton

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