Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving break sleepover with Cousin Mia

When we learned Cousin Mia had the week of Thanksgiving off we quickly made arrangements to get her to the condo. Over the course of two days the kids created a science lab in the hallway (complete with a roving tarantula*, an air plant, cacti, faux lizards, insects, and a ladybug, and a motion detector), completed three projects - snowmen art made with feet prints, fingerprint turkeys, and bird feeders. We also spent approximately four hours at Playdate PDX. The kids seemed to particularly enjoy shooting foam balls at me. Did I mention the trip downtown to get donuts and the trip to Division for ice cream because we also did that. And the kids practiced the art of photo bombing. At one point I overheard Hen saying (repeatedly) "I don't want you to leave." When Mia asked him why he responded with, "Because I'm having too much fun!"

Of course there were pictures…
Blue Star = yum

Playdate PDX = fun

white paint being applied to the bottoms of feet = ticklish

photobomb = laughter

bird seed, peanut butter, and a toilet roll = feeder
For the full set of pics, head on over to Flickr.

What we learned about Mia during her stay:
  1. Her feet are very ticklish. She almost fell into the tub when we were doing our snowman project.
  2. The girl loves peanut butter. We'll be getting her a big jar of Jif for Christmas.
  3. She is a schemer. I mean, sure, Brother Nick told me to keep my eye on her but I had no idea. On the car ride to the condo after picking her up, she started whispering her devilish plans to Hen. When confronted, she came up with a clearly not honest cover story. Hen finally spilled the beans when I turned the car around and told the kids I would take Mia back home if they weren't honest with me. (Little farts.)
  4. The girl is beyond social. During the operating hours of the Science Lab, she had no fear asking our neighbors, nay, demanding, they come to see all the science they had. 
  5. She is fun. And into girly things. But wasn't so rigid that she couldn't enjoy Hen's Let It Go song that talks about killing a snowman. 
  6. She and Hen play well together, both are generally agreeable and willing to compromise.

*The faux tarantula was constantly escaping his cage and hiding in the condo. We may never know (Mia did it) how he got around (it was Mia) so much (Mia helped) or why he chose to head back in to the condo (all Mia), but we're glad he stuck around.

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