Monday, December 01, 2014

Movie night: Home Alone

Turns out if you give a bunch of old preschool friends unfettered access to licorice they will eat all of it. Who would've thunk it?

Hen loves Home Alone and wanted to share it with his friends so we had our first official movie night. Perhaps most fun (for me) was repurposing the Ikea Skylta Children's Market Stand. (Previously it served as the Honeydukes candy shop for Hen's H.P. party and as our first official lemonade stand. Best $14.99 I ever spent.) I love Hen's "Boom! Movie Snacks" sign. Where the "boom" comes from I do not know but I like it!

We kicked off the festivities with dinner, followed by some time for play and general silliness, and then before starting the flick, I played the home movie the boys made this summer while camping at Lakeside. Awesome!

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